A brand built on science, beauty and care, where vitamin A is the cornerstone ingredient. This is because vitamin A is an essential skin nutrient, which if replenished every day helps to keep skin healthy and resilient.

I was recently asked how old I was and when I replied they wanted to know which moisturiser I use. Environ of course! I'm now on Level 4.

The groundbreaking moment for skincare was the introduction of vitamin A. This vitamin benefits all skin types and especially sun damaged skin - the main ageing culprit.

Prominent Cape Town plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes was a pioneer in this field, using vitamin A in doses high enough to actively improve the quality of the skin. He developed an interest in the mechanics of skin, especially sun damaged skin and through intensive research into the role of vitamin A he created treatments which would maintain healthy skins.

Out of this, Environ was born.

Further research showed that when vitamin A was combined with other essential nutrients like peptides and antioxidants, the long-term enhancement of the appearance of the skin became clearly visible. So Environ's mission became to provide proven, cutting edge technology and sound skin science principles to skincare. Helping people realise there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to achieving healthy, beautiful skin, but using treatments and products, based on real science like Environ's certainly helps.

The visible success of Environ's products and treatments has led to them being actively promoted by international beauty editors, skincare therapists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Furthermore Environ's constant research means new and improved products and treatments are being introduced all the time.

A wide range of Environ treatments and products are available at the Treatment Room Calne, so why not take a closer look and book a consultation today?