Therapeutic treatments offered by the Treatment Room Calne have been selected to help with symptoms, ease discomfort, improve problem areas and prevent reoccurrence. Thereby offering affordable solutions, advice and hope, easing embarrassment and providing results.

We can offer you advice on which particular treatment might suit you best and we trust you will find the salon in Calne a relaxing environment for your treatment(s), which in turn should help you manage your symptoms.

The latest therapeutic treatments to arrive at the Treatment Room Calne are Laser Thread Vein Removal and Laser Pigmentation Reduction, both providing long term solutions in just a few quick and easy treatments. Amazing!

Apart from the ease of parking, the first thing you notice about the Treatment Room is its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This makes such a difference, and the overall result of any visit is to always come out feeling so much better than when you went in.

Headaches and migraines can be helped by regular Indian Head Massages to ease pain and relax you, ultimately reducing the frequency of attacks. Indian Head Massage focuses on the face, scalp, upper back, neck & shoulders, where the relief of tension may be felt instantaneously.

If you are suffering with back problems, then we can provide advice on what is available and which treatments will help relieve your particular issues. Swedish Body or Hot Stone massages can both help to improve symptoms, manage pain and aid mobility.

If you are experiencing sinus or other ear, nose & throat problems, you may benefit from Thermo-auricular Therapy or Reflexology. With Thermo-auricular Therapy, the Hopi Ear Candle works by gently massaging the inner ear, far nicer than syringing! Reflexology works by harmonising the major energy pathways in the body, which can in turn enable the respiratory organs to work more optimally, and so ease some ear, nose or throat issues.

Both Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage are based on the principle of reflex points, so effectively act as a map of the body. As such, both can be used as an MOT for the body, pin-pointing the source of many different issues, promoting general health and well-being.

A Thai Foot Massage can be effective in reducing stiffness associated with arthritic conditions and may improve flexibility. Also for relief from arthritis, stiffness or discomfort in the joints, we recommend the Luxury Manicure with a paraffin wax treatment. This is a lovely gentle treatment where following a massage, warm paraffin is applied to the hands, which are then placed in mitts. So relaxing!

If you have a concern over blemishes, then we recommend Jane Iredale's great range of concealers and will advise you on the best one for you to use. Even the appearance of unsightly facial red veins (thread veins) or skin tags can be helped. Again there are Jane Iredale concealers which will disguise them, or both can be removed in salon by using electrolysis. We will advise you on the best course of treatment which will ease your embarrassment, improve your look and overall sense of well-being.

The Dermalogica range is more than just a skin beauty range and has been developed to treat many skin care issues. Dermalogica has such a wide range of products for specific issues and a programme of Dermalogica Pro Skin treatments is perfect to resolve many common skin problems.

All Environ treatments and products use vitamins A, C and E, which are essential to maintain and repair the skin and the Environ Cool Peel Treatment is specifically designed to clear the complexion and calm inflammation, making it ideal for problem skin.

Acne is big problem for many people, not just teenagers as many 30 and 40 year olds still have issues. Similarly, rosacea is a problem which is not easily recognised, but can be extremely debilitating. Environ's focus is on actually changing the skin, repairing any damage and then maintaining its health. The Environ Cool Peel Treatments use the safest effective peeling method available, so can be used to treat both acne & rosacea. Unlike more aggressive peels, the Environ Cool Peel treatments decongest the skin without damaging it, and then together with the use of homecare products, helps to re-build a healthy protective layer.

Skin Accumax is a skincare supplement from the Advanced Nutrition Programme, which is suitable for all levels of problem skin, including acne. At the Treatment Room Calne a number of clients have combined Skin Accumax with Environ Cool Peel Treatments and have achieved amazing results.