Luxury Gel Manicure

Lots of pampering, maintenance and preparation for your hands and nails. Then finish with Bio Sculpture Gel from Re:New Beauty offering a wide range of colours. Between a gel and an acrylic provides trouble free nails which can last upto 3 weeks. One of the only gels which bonds with hydration of the nail rather than requiring dehydration before application, so is much better for nail health.

Gel repair per nail
Hand soak
Deep exfoliation
Cuticle prep
Rich hand moisturiser to finish
After removal, why not add an Ethos Nail Treatment?
Enhance your look by adding some beautiful, creative nail art to your Bio Sculpture treatment when you book your appointment. Take a look at @thetreatmentroomsalon on Facebook and @thetreatmentroomblacklands on Instagram for inspiration.
Options Pricing:
Nail art £2 per nail
French or cuffs £5
Hand scrub £4
Must be arranged when you book appointment